Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our goal is to ensure the Safety, Health and Wellness of our employees. Our commitment to safety and health of our employees reflects our belief that all injuries can be prevented. Throughout our operations, we reinforce specific principles to strengthen our zero incident safety culture.

Safety Principles & Safety Expectation

All our employees and contractors within our areas of control share personal responsibility to maintain a safe work environment. Everyone has a significant role in both personal safety and that of their co-workers. Our safety policy guides us in our progress towards eliminating injuries and illness in our work place.

We Create Safe & Sound Work Place

Safety doesn’t happen by accident, we’re continually implementing safer processes to protect employees – Ours and Yours – educating our customers and partners on best practices to create a safer work place for everyone.

Safety Principles

Our safety principles underline the importance of protecting our employees’ well-being and rest on;

  • Safety is fundamental to everything we do.
  • We are committed to removing conditions that cause personal injury or occupational hazard.
  • All injuries and occupational illness are preventable.
  • A work place with zero incident is attainable.
  • We make decisions and promote behaviours that protect us and others from risk of injury.

Environment, Health & Safety

Our goal is to provide a secure and safe work environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors. Our EHS standard applies to all third parties performing activities at our locations which includes suppliers, contractors, vendors, visitors and all other non-workers.


Quality and quality concerns is high on all we do. Because of this, special effort goes into our supplier selection process.