Ethics & Compliance

Lynch capital business model

Our ethical reputation has earned the trust of our customers, suppliers and community

Ethics – A responsibility for all

As a support service company, we care about doing business right in meeting the needs or our global customers, employees and communities. How we generate our results is just as important as the results themselves and an important measure of our company’s success. Our commitment to doing business right means conducting ourselves with integrity in all our interactions with each other – our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. This is very much inherent in our culture.

We count on every employee to make the right decision every time, and to never compromise our ethics, values or integrity under any circumstances. Together our actions protect our image, reputation and culture which ensures a strong organization

Frederick Dodoo.

Lynch Capital Ghana was created to address two fundamental challenges confronting the sectors of mining and oil and gas.

First the problem associated with managing a long list of core and none core suppliers – 80/20 rule. Whilst your none core suppliers constitute about 80% of the supplier numbers, they cost only about 20% of the procurement cost. The tail spend management (C-Suppliers) will help optimize the procurement process. This arrangement will allow you replace your entire none core suppliers with a single creditor in Lynch Capital. We manage and pay these C-Suppliers for all their supplies and services and issue a single invoice either weekly/monthly or daily according to your preference. This allows essential time to your staff to concentrate on their core functions. Whether its “pay only”, “source to pay” or “procure to pay” we are your most reliable partner.

Secondly to offer full scale procurement services to the sectors. Our market awareness developed over the period has allowed us build a rich umbrella of reputable manufacturers in excess of 6,200 on all the material needs of the sector, by this arrangement we’re able to support our clients in making savings on their procurement bill and to own the stress in the procurement process. This will again will save time for staff to concentrate on the essentials. Our current stock number is nearly 125,000.

We have grown in the last few months from a simple buy house service company/factoring to a full fledge procurement company additionally.

Our seven-year development plan among others is to grow to include rental of support vessels, and in fifteen years be renting/leasing FPSO.

about us

Lynch capital is a professional procurement and finance company with concentration on mining and oil and gas sectors. Established to be a one stop place for all your core and non-core supplies in these sectors. From our central storage office, we serve the needs of the mining and oil and gas sectors as well as render professional finance services in invoice factoring and payroll management for all our clients.

We are supported by an assortment of reputable global manufacturers in excess of 6,200 from pipping, valves, filters, gaskets, cables, cameras, hoses, tubing, fittings, connectors etc.

Our clients will have our deep market awareness at their beck and call and as our relationship matures, the partnership will grow such that for anything and everything related to their financial and material procurement needs, they can depend on this partnership as a sure support base.

Our catalogue of over 125,000 products to choose from makes us your most convenient choice for all your supply needs, talk to us on any need.


To be a reliable partner in energy solutions.


Deliver quality energy solution with passion.


The essence of who we are underpins our values. Lynch capital espouses the following core values:

  • Reliable partner to our stakeholders.
  • Be guided by openness and honesty in all relationships.
  • Adapt to new environment and be a change agent.

Product Objective

Our financial service strategy is to develop a single creditor model, which allows you get rid of all none core suppliers and replace with a single creditor in “Lynch Capital” The single creditor will reduce your invoices and supplier base by as much as about 80%. We are your one supplier managing several of your suppliers allowing you time to concentrate on the important operational matters.