Our product range include heavy-duty pumps, valves and trims, filters, gates, mixers etc for use in a variety of upstream and downstream processing of oil and gas. From power generation to oil and gas production, our product solutions are at work behind the scenes for a wide array of everyday processes that help satisfy the world energy needs.

OIL & GAS – Our solution

Whether it’s the bottomless depth of the ocean, midstream or downstream, you will need an experienced industry partner with solutions that address your everyday challenges. We help you reduce cost for profitability.


Our primary goal is to ensure that the filtration requirements of our customers are met whether in air, liquid or gas, with a parallel focus on supporting with a more intelligent solution to reduce cost. Regardless of industry specialization, upstream production or oil services, our product solutions will meet your production and processing needs. Our filtration product options combined with our worldwide experience on both onshore and offshore contracts enables us to offer the complete filtration package for oil and gas treatment systems.

Whether in drilling & exploration, production, refining & processing, Gas storage and transport, liquid storage and transport, filtration plays an important role to maximize output in order to meet increasing consumer demand.


Our hoses and hose fittings all manufactured to meet all SAE, DOT and other industry requirement using high quality materials, provide the ultimate fluid conveyance solutions for a variety of equipment and applications around the world, including vehicles, aircraft, mining, mobile and industrial equipment’s. Our materials include Heavy wall thickness T, Stainless steel 45, 90 & 180 degrees and stainless-steel bends.



High Pressure Pitot Tube Pump



Our flanging materials include but not limited to Aluminium Flange 316L, 304, 3003, 5083, 5086, 6061, H114, Aluminium Flat Flange, Blind Flange, Copper Nickel Alloy SO Flange, Copper Nickel Alloy Thread Flange, Copper Nickel Alloy WN Flange, Titanium 2 Flange, Titanium 2 Ring, Zirconium WN Flange, Square Flange, Heavy Pressure Flange.



We offer among others oil field ball valves, thread end check valves, forged steel high pressure ball valves, flanged ball valves (floating and trunnion) metal seat ball valves of all sizes, including Safety Relief Valves, Regulating Valves, Vacuum Valves and Control Valves. Our valves are also available in 316 stainless steel, brass and aluminium.



Our piping stock include Galvanized Steel Sch. 40 & 80 seamless Pipes of all sizes. Galvanized Steel Sch. 40 & 80 Welded Pipes.  Carbon Steel Sch. 40 & 80 Seamless Pipes also of all sizes and Carbon Steel Sch. 40 & 80 Welded Pipes which are used in applications that do not require the pipe to be galvanized, are manufactured without seam requiring little maintenance.



Our gasket range are used widely in flat gate valves, Christmas tree, pipeline fittings, flange. Our stock includes among others, R. Gaskets, RX Gaskets, IX Gaskets, MS Gaskets, MX Gaskets, SBX Gaskets, RTJ Gaskets, Oval-Ring-Joint Gaskets, R-Type-Ring- Joint-Gasket, API-High-Gaskets, ASME-B16 20 Ring-Joint-Gaskets, Octagonal-Ring-Gasket, Lens Gasket, Bonnet Gasket.


Sensors & Controllers

Controllers, HMI, flow switches and transmitters, pressure transducers & switches, gateways, connectors, pilot devices, devices and estops, cable glands.

Sensors & Controllers

Maintenance, Repair, Operation (MRO) & Industrial Supplies:

Hand tools, cutting tools, power tools, abrasives and adhesives, compressors, paint & coating, chemical products, cleaning supplies.


Personal Protective Equipment

Eye protection, hearing protection, hand protection, respiratory and skin protection, protective clothing, safety shoes, fall protection, traffic & fire safety, first aid equipment.

Safety Equipments


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